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A Team of Professionals from Moldova with 15 Years of Experience on Small Business Website Creation and Promotion

About ARTKIO IT Digital Marketing Agency

The history of our agency began in 2006 when we developed our first website created per order. At that time, we were a team of freelancers who collaborated under the brand ARTKIO. A few years have passed, and our team, unfortunately, was fallen to pieces and each of our team members chose his own path. Some of our team members became a part of famous outsourcing companies while others remained freelancers but each one continued to persistently work in their area upgrading his skills. By that, we have gained 15 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, web design and web development. It was in 2019 when we decided to reunite and continue our collaboration in the format of a digital marketing agency named ARTKIO IT S.R.L. Our main customers are representatives of small business from the US and Moldova. But we do not limit ourselves with those locations and we have also provided our services to customers from Germany and Russian Federation.

Our gained experience allows us to provide the full cycle of services in the field of digital marketing and web development to the owners of small business. We are always honest with our clients so we do not launch tasks and processes we cannot cope with and provide them in the highest quality and timely.

Our Services

Websites Development

Websites Development

Our agency offers the full cycle of services in the field of the development of muli-paged and multi-functional websites. This kind of service includes:
  • Preliminary consulting and formulating of a specification.
  • Collecting semantic core and the choice of keywords.
  • Website design.
  • Creating text content.
  • Front end and back end development (coding).
  • QA and testing services.
Our digital marketing agency is minded to provide small business with websites that are fully optimized for search engines according to the size of the budget. It's up to us both to create a fully customized website for you or to develop a templated website using one of the most widespread CMS in the world WordPress.
Landing Pages Development

Landing Pages Development

Our digital marketing agency provides landing page development for every kind of product. We take into account the statistics, analytic data and testing results for each product when developing a successful landing page. We are eager to find effective solutions on how to reach the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate for almost every product. We have wide experience in landing page development for advocacy bureaus, touristic agencies, real estate companies, insurance companies, dry-cleaners, solar panels' sellers etc. This means we provide solutions for a diversity of types of businesses.
SEO Services and Website Promotions

SEO Services and Website Promotions

The scope of services of our digital marketing agency includes the complex of measures for search engine optimization and website promotion (SEO) that is aimed at improving the performance of known search engine ranking factors. First of all, we conduct a full SEO audit of your website. After the audit is completed, we provide the customer with a report with a list of pitfalls and all the possible solutions for removing them. After the agreement with the customer, we fix or replace everything that prevents the website from taking higher positions in the search engine results for the keywords the customer needs. We usually optimize both the text and graphic content of the site and the program code.
Market Niche Analyses and Competitor's Analyses

Market Niche Analyses and Competitor's Analyses

We have a toolkit of more than 10 online tools for providing market niche and competitors' analyses. Along with that, we use or 15 years of experience in that field. Analyzing each keyword or key phrase, we offer our customers a detailed report with data about the popularity, competition level, the cost of ads. We can provide you with the precise estimate advertising cost for each product or evaluate the budget your competitors spend on the certain product. We can find and show out our customers how competitors' advertisements on Facebook or Adwords look like, what keywords they use to find their customers and much, much more. Among other things, we can also help you find new market niches.
Advertising Campaign Design

Advertising Campaign Design

Basically, our digital marketing agency is specialized in promotions used on the Internet. We gained a wide experience in the development of context advertising web banners, design of business pages of the product or brand in social networks, development of ads for special catalogs. Besides, we also provide services in the field of the development and design of offline advertising means. As usual, we provide the development of the company's logo, business cards layouts, corporate billheads, promo leaflets etc.
The Development of Optimized Text Content

The Development of Optimized Text Content

One of the routines our digital marketing agency provides is the creation of text content optimized for specific tasks. These can be articles for websites that help to attract users through search engines or posts to attract social networks' users. Another direction is the development of selling texts that can induce the reader to decide on a purchase or online application. In addition, we can develop attractive descriptions of goods and services, and much more. We are also ready to select the most profitable keywords for each text.

Special Offer For Marketers

Some customers think that marketers are a multi-armed Shivas who are a bit of a designer, a SEO specialist, a copywriter and a bit of a programmer at once. We do not share that idea. Each professional should concentrate on his own task. We think that the main goal of each marketer is to develop the whole concept of the promotion of a product or a brand. In our turn, we are ready to provide a marketer with supporting services. What do we offer? We will be your loyal assistant who will help with the technical maintenance of each chosen digital marketing strategy.

How It Works

  1. 1The marketer develops and agrees with the customer a concept for promoting a product or brand.
  2. 2The marketer contacts us and we discuss the future digital marketing strategy for this product or brand altogether.
  3. 3We provide the full audit for everything that has been done previously to promote this product or brand. This includes the audit of current websites, landing pages, YouTube channels, pages in specialized directories, social networks, etc. We can also evaluate the effectiveness and give you our recommendations regarding existing contextual advertising campaigns. Based on the results of the checks and evaluations, we prepare a full report for the marketer and agree on a plan for further action.
  4. 4We fix bugs, optimize and modernize everything that was done before us. If necessary, we create everything that is in need for the successful online promotion of a product or brand from scratch. All our actions are always coordinated and controlled by the marketer so that they are consistent with the concept of product or brand promotion developed by him and would not go beyond the agreed budget.
  5. 5After the successful implementation of all the agreed priority measures for promoting a product or brand, we usually conclude an agreement with a marketer on long-term cooperation. This means that we are always in touch with the marketer and we are ready to provide technical support at any time it is needed. Moreover, only our actually spent working hours are paid for the execution of a specific task or assignment.

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Our Job Offers

Searching for a Specialist in Mathematics for Consulting and Copywriting Tasks

Starting a new project, we look for a skilled and experienced professional in the field of applied math for hourly employment. We do not need you to be present in our office regularly as the work is fully remote. The preference is given to citizens/residents of Republic of Moldova but this is not an obligatory condition. We are ready to sign a contract with a representative of almost every country around the world in case of fluent English and at least basic Russian language knowledge. The salary will be defined after an interview according to the number of tasks and their level of complexity no more than 210 MDL (12 USD or 10 euro respectively) per hour.


  1. Helping our developers in the development of customized calculators (the scope of applied math, application of mathematical formulas and equations).
  2. Writing articles on math topics in English. These articles should be in a popular-science style as they are intended for a wide audience.

If you are interested in our job offer, please send us your resume on or contact us via WhatsApp, Viber or Skype messenger.